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Fastaval Easter 2019 (). Books & Dragons has been so lucky to be asked by the mangement-team behind Fastaval, if I would come and have a few tables during the convention. I said yes! It is going to be exciting to experience Fastaval in a whole new way - I've been at Fastaval several times as a player, but that was some years ago, so it is going to be fun to be a part of the convention again. Besides the things, Books & Dragons normally has, I will also bring the demo-version of the computergame "Legend of Andari" along, that I have created in RPG Maker MV, you can try the game at my table I'm looking forward to meet a lot of roleplayers and show my stuff.

Past events

On the 11th of November there was a Christmas Geek market in DGI-byen, where I held a lecture about "Ildens Flamme" (English title is on the way).

After a bit of advertising from the people behind the market and myself - a little over 20 people came and listened. It was a really good experience with great interest from the audience - who had some really good questions for me. I would be happy to do that again some time.

Books & Dragons was at Herlufsholms Fantasy bogmesse (bookconvention) with a table on Kvisten.

It was the first bookconvention for Books & Dragons and it was an amazing experionce! There was a competetion, where no less than 3 signed books, a dragon and a jewelryset was on the line - and there was a lot of participants! The mood was cozy if Books & Dragons gets the chance to participate again next year, I will.