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About the author

Catharina Kjelgaard Vedel-Smith

I believe that any dream can become reality - if you are willing to work for it.

The Dream

I've always dreamed of becoming an author - and I have worked on this dream, since I was 16 years old. But even though it was my dream, I've always known, that unless you were very lucky; got an incredible breakthrough and was published in multiple languages or got ones story made into a movie - it would be very hard to live of being an author. Therefore I have also always had a regular job on the side. But I still hope that I someday will be able to turn my writing into my living.


I've chosen to be a self-publisher - which has been the right solution for me. I am in control of everything from start to finsih - it's awesome, but also tough as hell, for there is only one person to get things done and that's me. Luckily I have great support from my husband, family, editors and friends.


My genre is fantasy. It is a genre, I have loved ever since I was a child and I love to come up with a fantasy-story in my mind. Some of them make it as far as the paper. I also like both detective stories and horror - but I have not written anything within these genres.

Free time

I spend some of my free time with roleplaying games (mostly fantasy-settings), read books (when I do not write them myself), read manga and watch anime, watch movies or series, play computergames, create stuff for Books & Dragons to name a few things. And it is also here I often find inspiration for new stories.

Roleplaying games

Roleplaying games has a very special place in my heart. It was here I found my passion for writing. It was through roleplaying games, that inspired me to my first story - which I wrote at the age of 16, put it away, returned to it as an adult and which has now resulted in "The Fire's Flame". It is through roleplaying games, that I found love and even today when I play, I can feel that special bond, there is between me and roleplaying games.